Importance of digital

Let us tell you why digital is so important for Scandinavia.

Online shopping is doing great in the Nordics, and the growth is higher than in Europe in general. We have a very good digital infrastructure and availability, and digital payment is commonplace and readily accessible.

More than 60% of Nordic consumers shop online each month.
Those who are younger than 26 years make nearly half of their purchases via mobile devices.

The mobile e-commerce has almost doubled within the last year. From six o’clock in the evening, the number of mobile transactions increase and more people shop.

Still most purchases are done through a computer, but the percentage drops quickly.
Within a year from the second quarter in 2014, the proportion dropped from 69% to 56%, and this trend continues on.

The share of purchases via tablet is in principle at a standstill, although a slight downward trend can be noticed. Compared to PCs and mobile phones, the percentage shopping via tablet is small.

Knowing and adhering to these trends is essential to address the market in a best possible fashion, and is exactly why we focus so much on the digital aspects of distribution and sales.